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Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or other parts of your house can be a gigantic undertaking if you try to tackle it yourself. Without a good amount of planning and coordination it could become a disaster. That’s why at Cuisine & Boiserie we offer ‘Clé en Main’ Concept.

Meaning that we…

  • Work with you to come up with your dream design.
  • Handle all your product ordering.
  • Schedule all aspects of your project (including plumbers, electricians etc.).
  • Take delivery of all your product.
  • Handle any rip outs or demolition.
  • Install all your new product.

Benefits of ‘Clé en Main’ Concept

What makes ‘Clé en Main so great? 

  • One Company to Contact

Nothing kills the timeline of your project like having to communicate with multiple companies and trying to get multiple companies to communicate with each other. You’ll find yourself spending hours trying to communicate a single change to all the parties involved.

Cuisine & Boiserie eliminates the hassle of communicating with multiple companies. Rather than contacting your equipment designer, following up with the manufacturer, and contacting the designer again, you only need to contact one company that is Cuisine et Boiserie.

One email. One phone call. Everything taken care of.

  • One Company Invoicing

Ever tried keeping track of multiple invoices from multiple companies for a single piece of equipment? It’s not a fun nor easy task.

Cuisine & Boiserie eliminate the invoice mess, as all invoices come from the same company. Imagine how much easier your accounting process will be when you only receive a few invoices from the same company for your project.

  • Design and Manufacturing in Sync

Have a change to make to your project? Want to add in a new feature or change a dimension? With Cuisine & Boiserie, that’s not a problem!

When your equipment and facility layout design and manufacturing are handled by the same company, changes are easy. No more contacting your designer, following up with the manufacturing, re-contacting your designer with information from the manufacturer. Cuisine & Boiserie provides design and manufacturing in one, making the communication between designer, manufacturer, and installer all in one.

Any change to the design of your equipment is immediately communicated and factored into the manufacturing and installation process, without extra phone calls and headaches.

  • Discounted Prices

When design, manufacturing, and installation are all handled by the same company, it saves you time AND money.

It’s easier for Cuisine & Boiserie to provide discounts on our services and make the overall cost of your project cheaper, than it is to get discounts from multiple different companies.

  • Greater Quality

When one company handles your project from concept to completion, it’s easier to guarantee a higher quality product.

Right from the start, Cuisine & Boiserie set the level of quality needed for your project, and guarantee that each team – design, manufacturing, and installation, all provide that same level of quality.

Try that with multiple different companies. You’ll find one always produces at a lower level of quality, which causes setbacks and delays in the process as mistakes need to be corrected.

‘Clé en Main’ for Your Project

Are you ready to experience the benefits of working with Cuisine & Boiserie ? See this video NOW to see how we can provide you with the services needed to get your project done right and on time. Simply click the button below to play the video !

Cle en main

Easy Kitchen Renovations – 100% Stress-Free! ???Watch until the end! AWESOME! Unique Concept in Mauritius ?️ ? ✅

Posted by Cuisine et Boiserie on Friday, November 10, 2017