Tall Unit Basket – Width: 450 mm

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Tall Unit Basket – Width: 450 mm

Ref: 22998
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  • Tall Unit Basket-Soft Closing


  • Repon Heavy-duty slider with soft closing
  • Bottom /Ball bearing slider Soft closing–Top
  • Oval silver Nano spray plating basket
  • Plastic connecter for variations in Basket height
  • Telescoping shelf for variations in cabinet height
  • Size can be customized
  • Maximum Load capacity :65kg


401 mm in. W * 510 mm in. D * (1850-2200) mm in. H
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Tall Unit Basket-Soft Closing
Tall kitchen units provide handy storage and timeless style, making them a great choice. Suitable for small and large kitchens alike, you can integrate them in a way that suits your layout and your lifestyle.

Tall Unit Basket-Soft Closing