Laranza Kitchen

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Product Description

Laranza Kitchen

The warm neutral tones Laranza kitchen give a classic feel. The Plywood framed door with solid veneer central panel is combined with a worktop in solid plywood and posts, which provided a beautiful setting for the central island. The work plan of the Quartz and the panel corresponding to improve this welcoming style.

The doors of the buffet and can open horizontally or vertically simplifies the opening and makes the entire lot lighter.

Here is the kitchen with a table 15-20mm quarterfinals. Having low surface accessible from all sides is invaluable when it comes to doing things like baking cookies or making puzzles.

The great thing about the kitchen system Laranza is that your storage – your way. In the kitchen Laranza you drawers and buffet everywhere. Hig up, down low .Our drawers have superpowers organization. The drawers have heavy rail for maximum weights allowed to slip without forces.