Hêtre Kitchen

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Hêtre Kitchen

When we say new, we mean completely new. Frames, doors, hinges, drawers – everything! Everything is designed to give you more. More freedom, more fux, more fun, all at a price C & B. So if you have locked your kitchen dreams away because you do not think you had the space and then just let yourself go further with the kitchen Beech.


Top – operation, and intelligent storage solutions combine to save you space, time and money.


De nouvelles mesures vous permettent de combiner des armoires et

tiroirs de quelque façon que vous aimez tant vous pouvez vraiment tirer le meilleur parti de votre espace


When it comes to your dream kitchen that you should not have to compromise. Not the function or the appearance .Your kitchen should be as bright as you want, as colorful as you like and as organized as you like. the only thing stopping you should be your imagination. A C & B kitchen allows you to create literally thousands of different combinations so you are sure to be able to build a kitchen that is right for you.

It is a great feeling. A place for everything and everything in its place. Not frantically rummaging through your drawers in search of this indispensable utensil for your sauce is bubbly. No pulling your hair out looking for that thing you saw yesterday. Available in plastic playful

and sustainable source of bamboo, the range of C & B organizers allows you to create calm in the chaos and help you fnd exactly what you need when you need them.

Just because your kitchen is not big does not mean that you do not have with enough space for everything you do not need. There is an extra sitting with a recycling bin hidden behind the cabinet