Cherry Kitchen

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Cherry Kitchen

In this Cherry kitchen you can be sure that not a centimeter of space is wasted. Our craftsmen are masters in the art of concealment and Cherry Kitchen is full of hidden surprises.

The devices can be integrated or stand-alone, according to the aesthetic style of cooking you choose. We will ensure that each device is perfection, which makes life easier for you.

The Red Kitchen!

The red kitchen decor a trend that lacks elegance. red kitchen design, gray, white or black. Our Decor ideas red kitchen furniture and painting

A red kitchen, this is a color atmosphere with no shortage of energy and elegance! To design a red kitchen can do it with beautiful facades in flaming red, with painting where the rich shades of red suitable for the decor of the kitchen and the rolling of plywood. Depending on the colors and materials that are associated with red kitchen design is done, it is the case with black or white, with gray it is highlighted. Check out our ideas decor with red for the kitchen.

The flexible design allows the devices to Elba to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen and multiple configurations range -top means you can adapt your Wolf stove to suit your own style of cooking ..

Often called “the Ferrari of cookers” with an inspiring combination of solid stainless steel of good looks, power controls and amazing precision, Elba offers the confidence to approach any dish.