Carmine Kitchen

Product Price ₨ 57,990.00

Product Description

Carmine Kitchen

This cozy kitchen uses bright red furniture to anchor the design, which has recovered warm textures and accents. An eclectic mix of white, against which showcases the welcome shade, while the layered lighting makes the glow of the space in the evenings.

Fitted with gastronomic facilities, the kitchen uses a bold combination of colors to stimulate your appetite. Tile counters available in gray, white and red against a white wall accentuate the aesthetic class theme.


The flexible design allows the devices to Elba to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen and multiple configurations range -top means you can adapt your Wolf stove to suit your own style of cooking ..

Often called “the Ferrari of cookers” with an inspiring combination of solid stainless steel of good looks, power controls and amazing precision, Elba offers the confidence to approach any dish.

With Accessories : Rs 76,990
Without Accessories: Rs 57,990