Auburn Kitchen

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Product Description

Auburn kitchen

Lluxury is simplicity’ is the best definition of this kitchen. auburn kitchen model is inspired throughout with fascinating technology. black and brown give the feeling of being in a kitchen double decked, giving a contrasting characters, dramatically improve in this kitchen

Reconnect with simplicity and happiness while losing yourself in a moment of relaxation. enjoy cooking on elegant white solid surface counter-tops with wood pattern coating door that are designed to expand enough to meet the function of the variety in the kitchen.

Fittings and accessories make the organization easier and your own kitchen. there is also provided a tray in the middle of the kitchen is a bright and comfortable look.

The drawers are big enough to accommodate your utensils and groceries. with the quality and tangible connections used, the drawer slides out easily with the use of a single finger. fittings on both sides of the drawers are stiff enough to hold a heavy weight to be used for a life without worrying whether stuck or be unbalanced with time

The doors of the buffet and can be opened horizontally or vertically simplifies the opening and makes the entire lot lighter.

The hinge does all the work which is the best finish for the kitchen. all hinges are made for soft closure and further still leave the door open if desired.