Ambience Kitchen

Product Price ₨ 99,990.00

Product Description

This kitchen is very classy with the combination of elegant colors in the modern kitchen that mixes fact and match your living room in modern lifestyle. cream and eucalyptus, surface counter top color brings simplicity and elegance.

Accompanied by brown as superior color and light led interior surprisingly enhances the view that food. by adding more appliances and decorative accessories you get a cool design, very stylish and modern kitchen for your home.

Handles in stainless steel or chrome look with duco finish acrylic or gloss are harmonious with excellent creative design.

Handles curves are installed on the wall cabinets to provide clean lines uninterrupted and without projections without awkward handle to spoil the look. this kitchen demonstrates functionality, ergonomic and high quality comfort.

Ambience makes it compatible kitchen kitchen and lounge.

It is suitable for people who cook at their leisure.

The doors

– They are fixed on frame laminated plywood with concealed hinges. opening angle 107 °.

– Integrated damping hinge technology for comfort at the opening of hinged doors.

The drawers

– Always with the against-plated laminated backstage with full extension ball for better ergonomics. the Scenes can support heavy loads