Bertolini Kitchen – 100% Steel Cabinet

Our Story

Bertolini Kitchen is Brazil’s largest Steel Kitchen Manufacturer, now in Mauritius to provide you with the best steel kitchen possible.

If you are looking for steel kitchens to your home that are in excellent combination of differential and comfort, beauty, durability, strength and factory price, Bertolini Kitchen is for you.

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Benefits of our Steel Kitchens:

Higher Durability: Bertolini Steel Kitchens are produced with carbon steel with electrostatic painting, that means the same material that cars, ovens, refrigerators are made.

Healthy house without insects on the furniture: The insects do not find food in the steel and the bacteria can not settle on a smooth surface without pores, thanks to electrostatic paint system developed and specified by the technical staff of Bertolini.

Hygiene and practical for a house always clean: The surface of Bertolini Kitchens don´t exhibit porosity due the powder coating applied at 200ºC resulting in a smooth surface particularly easy to clean and hindering the impregnation of dirt and bacteria.

Safe Handling: Bertolini kitchen´s doors are designed with rounded edges and mounted without screws resulting in a perfect finish, no elements or corners that could cause accidents.

Eco for a more sustainable world ever: steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Its nature allows it to be 100% recyclable, consequently, it does not harm the environment. Totally odorless: the steel coated by powder coating does not allow dors during its lifetime.

Non-flammable safety cabinets: the Steel Kitchen Bertolini not propagates flames, so it is a safer option for homes and companies. Humidity resistent: its non-porous surface hinders the absorption of water, avoiding deformations in the material. Visit our international website: